Thank you for your curiosity and wanting to know more about who I am!

  • I’m a follower of Jesus.
  • I’m a queer/gay/cisgender male.
  • I’m deeply committed to faith creating justice in the world.

I am passionate about many issues, but they mostly revolve around my core values of Authenticity, Love and Justice. I will be creating regular articles and videos on a variety of topics related to those core values. Here are some more specific areas of interest to me right now:

  • Having been raised in fundamentalist evangelical home, I am fluent in all things fundamentalist and am committed to end the grip of terror and fear that fundamentalism has on its followers. To do this, I elevate the priority of Love and use methods found in New Thought Christianity to reimagine fundamentalist ideas in way that people with conservative viewpoints can support.
  • I am deeply committed to the work of anti-racism on the personal, group, and systemic level. I wholeheartedly support Black Lives Matter and am part of a clergy group working to support their work and initiate anti-racism work in faith communities.
  • I am queer and am committed to the full liberation of queer people here and around the world, especially in matters of economic justice, equal protection under the law, and full celebration in faith and spirituality.
  • I am a feminist/womanist and am committed to elevating the voices and leadership of women, especially women of color, in faith communities.

For more information or to consider supporting my work, please visit me at:  http://www.patreon.com/nathanmichaelblack